ABOUT US!          

Now that you made it here, it is time to introduce you to who we are.  We are the White family, I am Julie,  and my 2 sons are Justin and Jordan.  Together we make up JawBoxen European Boxers.  

We are very new to the show world but are excited to learn and eager to get started. 

We have a lot of research behind us concerning boxers and will be starting our breeding/exhibiting program off on the right foot.  We have a dedication to the boxer breed and will focus our program on the betterment of the breed, paying close attention to health, temperament, breed standard, and longevity.  What this means is that, every boxer that we have intentions on breeding from will only be matched to a mate that compliments him/her to produce pups that will better the breed in the future.   We do our best to make sure all of our boxers are as healthy as possible.  We know that a puppy is not only made up from what the parents look like but also a large part of what is in the pedigree plays a huge roll in how your puppy is going to look, act, and how healthy your puppy is.  We are very confident in our choice of boxers and have researched every dog in the lines of every potential boxer we plan to add to our breeding program.  We choose only the best of the best making sure all of our boxers come from health tested lines known for temperament, health, and longevity.  We have done all the research so you don't have to.  We are so confident in our breeding stock that we have no problem offering a Life time health guarantee with every puppy that is sold from our home.  Yes you read that right.   We now offer a life time health guarantee on all of our puppies.  We gladly stand behind our puppies.  We offer lifetime support.

We want to make sure we are offering you, our buyers, our extended family, the same quality we would expect for ourselves.  We pride ourselves on offering you the same superb quality we have and also keeping our prices as low as possible.  We will never raise our puppy prices to anything more then what you would be able to import your very own puppy from Europe for.  One thing you can expect from us is to always have fair prices no matter how great the pedigrees of our boxers are.    This trend of the European Boxer breeders based here in the United States of charging outrageous prices for European puppies is ridiculous in our opinion and is slowly going to make the European Boxer Breeders from across the oceans stop letting their amazing lines come to the United States.  We have already seen a pattern of many European based breeders sending only their "PET QUALITY" dogs here to the United States.  These dogs are nothing the European based breeders would ever consider allowing into their breeding programs yet breeders in the United States are so willing to do so and charging you the unsuspecting buyer such a ridiculous price for.   When we are considering purchasing a puppy from a European based breeder, we not only will import a puppy that the breeder would consider keeping for themselves but we also only deal with very reputable, well known breeders who would never put one of their pet quality puppies in a breeding home.  If a puppy is being sold as "pet quality" it is being sold that for a reason and that reason is because it does not measure up to the other puppies in the litter and should never be bred from.   What can you expect from us?  A "Superb Quality" boxer puppy at normal market price. 

When a litter is being planned in our program, it is a time staking task.  We research pedigrees and lines to make sure only the best combinations of parents are being used.  We spend countless amounts of money making sure that our boxers are as healthy as possible as to only produce sound puppies in health.  We take extra precautions when we do a breeding and are right there the whole process making sure neither the sire to be or dam to be gets injured in any way.  We feed only the best food to our boxers but also to our puppies.  We spare no expense on our pregnant females making sure she remains in perfect health and making sure her emotional and mental state stays intact.  When it is time for puppies to be born we do not leave the whelping box and assist our females through the whole birthing process.  We do not leave our moms unattended because anything can go wrong at anytime.  Our puppies are handled throughout the day and showered with love.  We keep our whelping boxes extra clean.  For the first week or two one of us sleeps in the room with the whelping box to make sure all is well at all times. 

Our boxers are our priority and they are cared for just like our children are.

We want to make sure when you contact us and choose us as your breeder for your next family member that you know that your not just gaining a member of your family from us but you are also gaining a friend and support system from us for life.  We want you to call us as often as it takes for you to feel comfortable that we are the right breeder for you.   The relationship between breeder and buyer is extremely important.

One thing you will note when you come visit our home is that we keep our adult boxer numbers low.  We do this purposely.    We do not have a kennel built and we have no plans on building one.  The state of Maine requires that any person owning 5 or more females capable of producing litters needs to be licensed as a kennel.  We have chosen to never own that many females.  Boxers require so much from their humans that we cannot visualize owning so many dogs that they cannot live peacefully inside the house with us.   Boxers and this hobby of breeding to try to improve upon the breed is such a passion of ours that we would never risk harm or mental health of any of our boxers in order to have higher numbers.  Higher numbers in our opinion would take away individual attention that boxers desperately need for their healthy frame of mind and if that breeder is not actively working or showing their breeding stock we would question the motives behind the need to have so many breeders on hand.

One thing you will notice about us that sets us apart from the rest is that we don't now and will never have a testimonials page.  We don't feel right about asking our happy customers to write savvy emails just for us to use on our web site.  We have a past puppies page for that and already get updated pictures with emails that we feel are to personal to post to the web.  We feel the quality and health of our babies speak much more that any testimonials page can ever say.  Plus we breed so little that it would take forever to build a page like that.  Testimonial pages are more for large scale breeders with a high out put of puppies.  Also testimonials only tell the tale of happy customers and does not convey the real truth about any breeder.

Not all breeders are created equally and each will claim they have the best dogs and puppies around.  Only you the buyer will be able to judge what is best for you.  Look past all the fancy advertising and ask questions.  That is the best advise any ethical breeder can give a buyer.

We do not take breeding our babies as a money making industry.  Making money is the last thing we think about when we plan a breeding.  We do not compete with local and non local breeders.  We do not see breeding as a competition.  We frown upon those breeders who do see other breeders as competition and put them down or try to post things on their website to make themselves look better.  We feel that all reputable and ethical breeders need to come together and support each other and stop all of the competition.   We stand firm in our opinion that using strong arm tactics and putting others down to make yourself look better is not going to help the breed any at all.  The boxer breed is fairly new being just over 100 years old and already it is plagued with so many problems and different looks.  Instead of competing and putting other breeders down, we all need to work together to actually be able to accomplish something good with in the breed. 


All of our boxers are fed a natural raw diet.  Our puppies are raised on an all natural raw diet as well.

We may just be starting out, having bred our first litter in 2004 but we have done our reading and know what it takes to make sure this awesome breed of dog is protected and cherished for many years to come.  We are very dedicated to making sure our children's children will be able to cherish this breed as well.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions.  We love talking boxer!!!!