Jawboxen's Greatest Gift 


Alana was born in our home on November 2, 2017 and is the daughter of our Kara (Ardantes Kapileira) and Echo (Kaisherliche's Echos Of Destiny).  We knew right from the start that she was going to be our keeper.  Her temperament and character and spot on for a boxer.  She is courageous and adventurous, fears nothing, is very confident and self assured.  Her structure is outstanding with a nice wide muzzle, tall forehead, beautiful angles, strong shoulders and chest, and lovely topline.  We just can wait to watch her grow.  This page is still under construction as she grows.  We are willing to talk about putting Alana in a home on a breeding contract with the right home.  Contact us if you are interested!

Below you will find pictures and information about Alana's parents and grandparents.

Alana's sire is Kaiserliche's Echos of Destiny out of Kaisherliche's Fire and Ice X Nuria Cekerbox.  We were thrilled with the opportunity to use Echo and have plans to use him again in the future.  Alana's dam is our very own Kara, Ardantes Kapileira pictured below and on our retired page.  She is out of Ardantes Senseshyn X Ardantes Leon.