The American Boxer vs The European Boxer

Euro versus American

What is the difference?

We have a chart below that shows a definitive difference in look between he American and European boxer, but what about the personality and character?  How do they differ in that area?  Well let me tell you about those differences.

The European boxer has been kept true to it's origins.  We are talking about a true working class dog.  The boxer is in the working class.  The European breeders understand this and keep them true to their nature.  These boxers want to work, they have a purpose and seek to fulfill that purpose.  With the introduction of the European boxer into the USA this has become lost to many breeders.  Many breeders see a new look and think of only how much they can charge for these boxers and their prestigious pedigrees.  These breeders do not understand the working drive of these boxers.   They don't put thought and consideration in when breeding and end up creating puppies with higher working drives then placing these puppies into pet homes with people who are unprepared to deal with the boxer they have gotten and no knowledge of how to handle it or give it what it needs.

The working European boxer if bred properly and trained right is an amazing creature to have as part of your family.  The love and devotion you will get is like no other breed ever.  They are a great family pet, guardian, show dog, and working dog all in 1 package.  Their willingness to please their people is unlike anything I have ever witnessed and their ability to see into your soul and grasp onto it is just truly amazing.

The American boxer though in the working class has lost most of it's ability to focus on a task to perform a job.  They have been transformed into a very elegant creature that lacks bone and muscle mass to properly perform.  Though very agile they just don't have the focus needed to stay on task.  Some however will have great success with agility.  The American boxer has become more of a hyper high strung dog due to loss of focus.  They truly have been transformed into strictly a show dog or pet.  This is very sad to witness as there really should not be such a huge difference between the American and European boxer.  

In closing I urge everyone who is considering the purchase of any boxer to do their due diligence.  But if you are looking to purchase a European boxer please make sure that you buy from a breeder who truly understands the working drive of them.  Make sure the breeder you choose is breeding to properly handle the working drive of the breeding stock that they have.  Please ask questions about the parents working drive.  If one parent has a strong working drive and that breeder has bred to another dog with a strong working drive then a pup from that litter may have an even stronger drive.  Those puppies are going to be best suited for working homes and not into homes for the every day person or homes with kids.  While it is not a bad thing for a breeder to want to breed a litter for their own working prospects, it is a bad thing to place overly drivey pups into the hands of unprepared people or people who have no knowledge on how to handle them.  Doing so just creates a dangerous situation

Many people wonder what is the difference between the European Boxers and the American Boxers so I thought that I would share a fantastic link with you so you can read for yourself click here to find out about the true difference.