The Truth Behind Bordetella Intranasal Vaccines!



This is a warning to everyone who owns Boxers or any short nosed breed. 

These dogs should never be given the Bordetella Intranasal Vaccine.   It is a live, not a killed virus.  It is administered up the nose as a spray.  In these short nosed breeds it tends to bring about kennel cough any where from 2 days, to up to 3 weeks after it is administered.   It causes kennel cough in over 95% of these dogs. 

This vaccine is supposed to prevent Kennel Cough, but does quite the opposite in the short nosed breeds.   It is not necessary for your dog to have this vaccine. If it is not going to be kenneled in a vets office, Boarding Kennel, or kept in close confinement, it does not need it.  If however, your dog will be kenneled at some point, there is a vaccine that some vets don't tell you about.   It is a Bordetella shot.  This is a very safe and effective vaccine and doesn't bring about Kennel Cough in these breeds.  The shot is a killed virus that is administered underneath the skin.  

Most vets know that the Bordetella Intranasal Vaccine can't be given to these breeds.  Those that give it either don't know of the dangers, or do know, and don't care. They don't care because it is money in their pocket. Money in their pocket, because in most cases these breeds will come down with Kennel Cough. Then, they try to treat it, which makes them more money.

The dogs that get kennel cough from this vaccine, if they are lucky,  get treated with the proper antibiotic for it and do recover just fine.  Those that don't get treated with the proper antibiotic end up getting pneumonia and most
They are also subject to other parasites or illnesses because their immune systems have been compromised.  So, if the pneumonia doesn't kill them, then something else might. 
PLEASE,  do not allow your vet to give this very dangerous Bordetella Intranasal vaccine to your beloved pets! It could cost them their life!