Ardantes Lubomir

We would like to introduce our newest addition here at Jawboxen Boxers.  Ardantes Lubomir aka Dante was a surprise purchase for us.  We were not even looking to add another boxer at the time but when we saw his perfect little body and his sweet little face well we knew we had to have him.  Dante as with Kenia and Kara comes from the amazing Natalya Morozova of Ardantes Kennel in Russia.  The quality we have found with Natalya's dogs has kept us going back to her all these years.  We will continue to seek out pups from her breeding's as we have yet to find anything that matches her perfection.   Dante has superior structure with angles in all the right places.  He has amazing thick bone and muscle.  His head piece looks like it was carved.  He is still growing but we know that this boy is going to surpass perfection.  We couldn't be more impressed with his development at just 6.5 months as I create this page.

This page is still under construction!

Dante's mother is the amazing CH. Ardantes Origami.  What a beautiful specimen of a boxer she is.  His dad is the gorgeous JCH. Ardantes Leon.  What an amazing combination it was for this breeding.  Dante is a perfect combination of his sire and dam.  His pedigree is formed of some of the most sought after and best European bloodlines you can find.  We are truly blessed to have such greatness in our breeding program.  We know we will be able to produce nothing but the best results when this boy is ready to be added to our program.  He has already had an echo done on his heart with outstanding results.   Below you will find pictures of his amazing parents, his echo, and his pedigree information.