Ardantes Zhana Shade

 We would like to introduce Hana.  Hana came to us directly from Natalya of Kennel Ardantes, the same breeder as our girl Kenia.  Hana is perfect in every way.  We cannot thank Natalya enough for entrusting us with yet another of her amazing girls.  The quality in Hana is amazing and speaks volumes of the type of breeder Ardantes is.   Hana was born on 2-19-2015 and it was love at first sight.  Her body structure is just perfection, she has angles in all the right places, her head is to die for with the most amazing rise of skull I have ever seen.  Her muzzle is nice and wide and her bite with just her baby teeth was so spot on that I didn't think it could get any better but as her adult teeth are starting to come in she is staying just as perfect.   We expect amazing things in the future from this girl.   Thank you Natalya!  You are truly amazing. 

 We will post more photos as Hana grows.  See below for her amazing pedigree and pictures of her parents.

 Hana's mom Ardantes Senseyshn.

 Hana's Dad Ardantes Leon