Ardantes Kapileira

 Kara born 10/01/2015 came to us from the amazing Natalya of Kennel Ardantes.  Kara is our 3rd Boxer from Natalya.  We just can't help ourselves, she has amazing boxers and is such a wonderful breeder to work with.    When you already had perfection how could it possibly get any better?  I don't know how but it absolutely did with Kara.  She exceeds all expectations and surpasses every standard.  Her muzzle is one of the widest I have seen, she has angles in all the right spots, perfectly square, and wow what a topline.  Her expression will melt your soul and that rise of skull is amazing.  I could go on and on but I will leave off after just a few more things.  Kara's character is superb, the willingness to please that comes from such a young pup surpasses every other boxer I have had other than Kenia.  Her adaptability to any situation is truly amazing.  She just does not spook for anything.  She by far is the best cuddle bug and snuggle bunny I have had to date.  She rubs her face into you much like a cat does.   I have yet to find any pet peeve about this girl she is just that amazing.

 Kara's pedigree is pretty impressive.  She comes from some amazing lines.  Its no wonder she herself is so perfect.  Below you will find her pedigree and pictures of her mom Ardantes Senseyshn and her dad Ardantes Leon