This page is dedicated to our past European puppies

 Axel now Champ born 6/14/11 out of Alexa and Orion.  This was Alexa and Orion's first breeding together.  This litter produced 10 amazing puppies.

Champ now lives in Connecticut with the Stusalitus family.  Just look at all the toys he is being spoiled with.  He even has his very own 8 year old twin boys to play with everyday.  What a lucky boy Champ is.  We are very proud to have Andree, John and the boys be Champs new family.

Champ is doing awesome in his new home and already house trained at 3 months old.  His mom Andree catches some amazing pictures of him.

Excuse me but would you mind putting down the camera and opening that crate up so I can cuddle with my boy in there!


Anastasia now Annie lives in Vermont with the Neill Family.  She is adjusting very well with 4 of her very own kids to play and cuddle with.  We couldn't be more happy about how well she is doing.  Thank you to the Neill family for spoiling our special little baby.


Anton Von Jawboxen, call name Titan is settling in extremely well with the Roberts family here is Maine.  He has 2 amazing little girls to keep his energy drained.  He even gets to go watch one of them play soccer. 

 Anton now Titan at 10 months looking amazing thanks to the Roberts family.

 Aramis Von Jawboxen now called Hank lives with the awesome Harris family in Mass.  He has an adorable little girl to call his own and gets to be taught the rules of the house by a very handsome 10 year old boxer boy named Mickey.   As you can see below Hank is settling in very well with a little extra help from a sweet little girl who loves her new best friend.


Hank has grown into a very handsome brindle version of his sire Orion.  Pictured below at just 10 months old he is proving to be quite the big boy.  His deep dark mask and amazing structure are quite visible and astonishing to look at. 

Below Hank is hanging out with his friend and housemate Mickey (RIP) and another family members boxer. 

R.I.P Mickey!  It was such a pleasure to meet you.  You were such a great boy.  Thankfully you were able to teach Hank all of your best qualities.  You have forever left your pawprints on this world. 

 Amore' Von Jawboxen, call name Heidi lives with the amazing boxer loving Hope family here in Maine.  Heidi is bringing that puppy energy back into their home after they suffered a tragic and sudden loss of their youngest boxer of only 2.5 yrs.  Heidi has 2 other boxers to keep young and amazing people to look after her.  We are very happy that Heidi can bring some joy back into their home and fill an empty spot on a warm lap.  As you can see she is already on her way to being settled in just hours after arriving to her new home!



 Angel Von Jawboxen, now Kali Lives here in Maine with the Hayes family.  She has such a wonderful life.  We couldn't be more happy about how well cared for and loved she is.  Plus she gets the added bonus of having a daddy that is a vet.  Here is what they have to say about Kali.

Hi Julie,
It has been way too long since I have sent you a note.  We are truly enjoying Kali (she also happens to respond to several names, including CooCoo and Godzilla!)  What a magnificent creature!  She has risen to become the alpha dog in the house - quite assertive.  Ciara has been working with her on skijoring.  Kali gets dolled up in her harness and then pulls Ciara while skiing.  I get tired just watching, but Kali just keeps going and going.   She is quite the bundle of energy. 

She still thinks she is a lap dog...which is OK if we put two or three laps together for her.  

I am attaching some pictures, including one we used for our Christmas card, as well as a recent skijoring outing.

Hope you are doing well!
Tim Hayes


Apolo Von Jawboxen call name Riley was placed with the Jerry family in Rochester NH.  Unfortunately his family lied to us on their application and told us they owned the house they lived in.   We were beyond shocked when we saw an ad in our local advertising venue with a picture of our boy Apolo up for sale. We place all of our puppies on a contract stating that if the owners cannot keep the dog for any reason during the life of the dog that they are to be returned to us.  We do not buy our dogs back.  We contacted the Jerry family and let them know they were breaking contract.  We informed them we were going to seek legal action against them.  They informed us they had to move but were exploring options to keep Riley instead of placing him in another home.  We have since found out that Riley/Apolo has actually been sold to another home.  We will be proceeding with legal action against the Jerry family to find out where our gorgeous Apolo has been sold to.  Instead of following the contract they have resorted to bashing.  Because of the Jerry family we are now going to have to take extra precautions when we have puppies and require more from people who fill out our applications.  We apologize ahead of time for having to do this but 1 bad apple has spoiled the bunch.  We do not take lightly people who break contract and take risks with the lives of our puppies.  The Jerry family has tried to make claims that Riley/Apolo came to them at 2 months old with bad habits.  Obviously they have zero experience with a boxer puppy.  2 month old puppies need to be trained and taught how to behave.  They do not come with bad habits that are pre learned.  Anybody who knows anything about puppies knows this to be fact!  Here are some pictures of our gorgeous boy Apolo now named Riley.  If you happen to see him or are his new owner or know his new owner please contact us so we know where he is.  We just want to know that he is in a safe loving home and happy.