Puppies from previous litters that have found loving homes!

This is Trixie, born August 20th 2006.  She has an awesome home with David here in Maine.  David takes great care of Trixie and treats her like she is his own child.  As you can see she is very spoiled and loved.  David has provided a wonderful home and will always be pre approved for another pup in the furture.  David is an amazing photographer and captures her so very well.  His love for his Trixie shows through his pictures.



This is Holly, born December 15, 2005.  She has an amazing home with Chad and Cheryl and has a new little skin brother to play with.  Chad and Cheryl bought Holly after they lost their first boxer to illness at the young age of 4 yrs old.   I feel blessed to have been able to help their hearts heal.  Chad and Cheryl are wonderful people and amazing owners to Holly. 

Ajax Born August 16, 2006, Now living in Maine.  Ajax is a full older brother to Breeze. 

These next few pictures are Diesel and Molly, Diesel owned by Courtney, and Molly owned by Jennifer, live together in OOB Maine.  Courtney and Jennifer are best friends and roomates.  Diesel born August 16, 2006 and Molly born July 21, 2007.

Tyson (back left) and below Born July 15 2008 picture taken late spring 2009 during one of many play dates with half sister Breeze (back right) and Dad Caine (front).  All 3 of these boxers love the water.  Caine swims as good if not better then a lab does.

A Girl and her Boxer!  This picture says it all.

You know the one kid in the family that always makes a face when you want to take a family picture?  I present to you that one kid in the family, Tyson!

Daisey  Born August 16 2006.  Living in Lyman Maine with my nephew.  Daisey is now 3 years old.

Molly (left) and Brutus now Buster (right) Born July 21 2007  Molly lives in OOB Maine with her full older brother Diesal and Buster made his way to a loving Family in Conneticut.  Both of these beautiful pups are litter mates to Breeze.

Buster all grown up at 3.5 years old, My what a handsome boy he is.  He has the same facial expression as his sister Breeze does LOL.

 New pictures of Jack arrived today with an amazing update.  jack is doing wonderful and is taking Obedience classes.  He is the smarted in the class and was the only puppy last week that was asked to stay after class to help 4 shy puppies come out of their shell.  Way to go Jack we are so very proud of you!!!!  Keep up the great work.  Awesome Job To Diane and her family for being wonderful owners to Jack.  We are blessed to have your family as his owner.

Jack Just celebrated his 1st birthday on July 13th.  His mom Diane send us some pictures from his party.   Here is Jack sporting his party hat and having his special doggy birthday cake.  What a gorgeous boy he has grown into.


 Rocco is growing up quick.  Terri and Rene are very happy with him and he will be starting obedience classes very soon.  What a handsome boy you are growing into Rocco!  Thank you Rene and Terri for loving this amazing guy!

Rocco Just celebrated his 1st birthday on July 13th and Terri reports that Rocco is now 74 pounds at 1 yrs old.  WOW what a big boy you are.  Rocco has grown into a handsome looking boy and is an almost identical twin to his mother Breeze.

I love this picture.  Rocco is so loved and it shows. 

                     GOT BOXER?

Blaze is now living with Shana, Andrew and Raider in Laconia NH.  He will have another boxer named Dempsey to play with.  Blaze is filling a hole that was left in his families heart when Dempsey's littermate sister Nova died in Dec of 2008 at the very young age of 1 and 1/12.  Rest in peace Nova.  Your family still loves you and thinks of you every single day.  Here is Blaze now Glock pictured with his new playmate and housemate Dempsey.

 Here is Glock with his house/playmate Dempsey.  At not quite 4 months old Glock now weighs just over 30 pounds.  What a big gorgeous boy he is.  Look how happy these 2 are.  These are the pictures that warms your heart.


Here is Glock at 1 yrs old.  He just celebrated his first birthday on July 13th.