Please contact us to get on our waiting list for our 2018 breeding

A $300 deposit is now required to get on our waiting list once your application and phone interview is approved.

We have an amazing breeding planned for early 2018

Talia was bred to Dante the first week of January.  We expect puppies to be born around March 10, 2018

We are very exited to announce this breeding.  Talia and Dante make the perfect pair and are going to produce some superb puppies together.   We expect this whole litter of puppies to have amazingly square structure with nice long necks, perfect angles, muscular shoulders and nice structured heads with wide muzzles.  Temperament on these puppies will be outstanding.  They will bond very heavily with their people and be extremely loving pups that will fit into any home.  They will be friendly to all strangers so long as their family says it is ok for the stranger to be there.  If a threat to their family ever arises they will protect their family with no regard for themselves.   This whole litter of puppies will have one focus in life and it will be to please it's people in what ever way possible.   The pups will be like this as this is the temperament and character of Talia and Dante.  Please do not wait to get on our waiting list as these puppies will go very fast.  Breeding was done on January 6th.  Puppies will be born around March 10th and will be ready for new homes at the beginning of May 2018.  Our prices are $1800 for a pet quality puppy with no breeding rights and limited AKC registration and includes a lifetime health guarantee.
Please contact us for a puppy application and phone interview.
Photos of Talia and Dante below.