Important information you should know before purchasing a puppy from Jawboxen. 

JawBoxen Boxers reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime.  If you are interested in purchasing a JawBoxen puppy you must contact us and have us send you a puppy application to be filled out and sent back to us. Then a phone interview will follow that. We will not sell to anyone who has not filled out a puppy application or had a phone interview. 

We take raising our puppies very seriously.  We put our hearts and souls into each and every puppy that is born in our home.  We love them and care for them like they are our own children.  We want them to go to homes that will cherish them the exact same way we do.  We prefer to sell with limited registration as pets only but will make exceptions to the right breeders with certain quidelines and a contract in place.  Our adult boxers live in our home, sleep in our bedrooms at night, eat the best of food, recieve the best vet care and we expect nothing less for our puppies.  We purposely keep our adult boxer numbers low  so we can focus individual attention to each and every one of them.  There is 4 people in our home so there is plenty of love for us to spread around to our boxers.    Our adults are our pets first and foremost.  Their health, happiness, and well being come before everything else.  They are boxers there for they are members of our family as they should be.  Boxers require human companionship and interaction.  They require exercise and mental stimulation.  A bored boxer that does not get enough time with it's people or enough exercise is going to be a destructive boxer.

Because of a boxers NEED for human interaction we refuse to let one of our babies end up in a puppy mill situation.  Puppy mills are found all over the U.S., but are concentrated in high numbers in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.  For that reason we will have to place extremely strict guidelines if we chose to sell one of our babies to anyone living in one of these states.  While we are sure there are plenty of responsible pet owners and hopefully some responsible breeders, we have to protect what we have created.  We know that the responsible breeders and pet owners will understand our position on this.  While we are not refusing sale to anyone in these high risk states we are refusing to sell a puppy with full breeding rights with in these states.  Any of our puppies that are sold with in these states will either be spayed/neuter prior to leaving our home or sold with limited AKC registration and a strict sales contract stating clearly the age at which the puppy MUST be spayed/neuter.  We will/do enforce our contracts to the fullest extent.

Thank you

JawBoxen Boxers