Raw Diet!  It's what we feed!

We have seen huge improvements in our boxers health, look and feel of their skin and coat, their teeth and gums and breath, less stool, and in their physical appearance.  What we fed our boxers was never something we took lightly, we have always done much research into proper nutrition and studied every ingredient in every food that was ever offered our adults and puppies.  We spent many years doing research into Raw Diet before switching over making sure we knew everything about it and was giving proper amounts of everything to avoid harming my boxers that we love and cherish.  If you do not research what you are doing and do not feed Raw Diet the right way you can fatally harm your dog.  We have found in our case anyway that it is costing us less money to feed them Raw Diet then it was costing us to feed them a high quality dry dog food.   We urge everyone who is considering a switch to raw diet to please do your research first and make sure you have enough knowledge to make sure you are going to continue to keep your dog healthy and happy for many years to come.  For those of you who have researched it and are ready for the switch but cannot find simple menus well that is what this page is here for.  We have decided to share with you what our menu looks like. 

To properly feed you need to know some key information.  

Bone to meat/muscle ration is 50/50.  It is important that their diet is 50% bone and 50% meat/muscle/organ to properly maintain a healthy system.  They also need to have organ meat at every meal.

It is important to know that veggies and fruits are not needed to feed raw diet but if you do choose to give them they should not take up more than 10% of their meal.  Of that 10%, 7% should be veggie and 3% fruit. 

Raw should be fed at a 2.5 to 3% of their body weight ratio depending on activity level and metabolism of your dog.  So if you have a dog that weighs 60 pounds, it would eat 1 lb 8 oz of food per day.  you get this by 60 x .03 = 1.8.  I start all mine out at 3% and adjust accordingly depending on if I feel they need to loose or gain weight.



1 bottle of 1200mg fish oil pills

Coconut Oil Unrefined and expeller or cold pressed

Dozen Eggs

Chicken Backs and rib cages

Tub chicken livers

1 can 100% pure pumpkin

Fresh strawberries and blueberries

We feed our dogs twice a day so we split up their daily amount into 2 feedings.  Kenia gets a 9 oz meal and a 10 oz meal.  Talia and Kara both get 2 12oz meals and Dante gets the most as he is a growing puppy eating 3% at his adult weight.   Dante gets fed 2 meals of 1 lb 1.5 oz.

We are very lucky to have a local butcher shop who carves their own chickens.  All of the meat they sell there is hormone free, antibiotic free, and steroid free.  It is all organic.  We pay .37 cents a pound for backs and rib cages with plenty of meat on them.   Right now we are spending $15 for 40 lbs of food.  If he can't supply us with enough of his own he will order us backs and rib cages for .49 cents a pound which comes by the 40 lb case.  That is about $20.  I have estimated my cost and went on the high end.  We are feeding 4 boxers for about $30 a week.  We were spending $260 per month on kibble, that is a savings of roughly $140 per month.

We have 6 chickens that produce enough eggs to sustain the dogs and us.  We grow a garden for fresh veggies and fruits and freeze what ever we can to get us through the off season.   In the off season we buy what is on sale.

We buy our fish oil pills and coconut oil at our local walmart.

So our general menu will look like this

Morning meal

.05 oz liver

1 TBSP coconut oil

50/50 Chicken bone meat ratio weighed out in proper amount depending on dog

1 fish oil pill

1/8 cup pumpkin

1-2 strawberries cut up depending on size

Night meal

.05 oz liver 

1 egg including shell

50%  Chicken bone 40 % Chicken meat weighed out properly depending on dog

10 % more meat in form of venison, hamburg or fish 

1/8 cup pumpkin

6 or 7 blueberries depending on size


We hope we have helped you in your research of Raw Diet.  Please make sure you have done your homework.  We cannot stress to you enough, this is not something to take lightly, if you have not done your research and do not feed Raw Diet properly you can potentially harm or kill your dog!  If you are in the least bit uncomfortable or hesitant about Raw Diet then do more research before you start feeding it to your dog.  The menu above is perfect for OUR dogs and would need to be adjusted to meet the individual needs of your dog based on energy, weight, and activity levels.   If you have done your homework and your feeding this diet the right way, your dog will be healthier overall, will have less stool (meaning less yard clean up for you), will look and feel better, have healthier teeth and gums, less gas, more energy, fewer vet visits, less likely to develop expensive long term health problems caused by unneeded additives to dry food, and may even live longer because your not feeding so many unknowns that are added to dry food that could potentially cause many of the health problems that dogs are facing today.