Kaiserliche's Heart Of An Angel

 Talia born 9/15/2015 came to us from our good friend Tina Rowe of Kaiserliche Kennels in Clinton, Maine.   Tina Imported Talia's mother, the beautiful Dixie Kunigas Von Kishko.  Dixie is a beautiful, goofy, fun loving, and gentle girl.   When it came time to breed our boy Cash, Xadrian Vom Igneshof to Dixie I just knew the pups would be outstanding.   Talia is just that, Outstanding!   Tina did such an amazing job raising these pups,  Talia not only is perfect in structure and temperament from her parents but in character from Tina and the way she raises her pups as well.  I couldn't ask for a more balanced puppy.  Talia is perfection in every aspect.  I cannot wait to watch this girl grow.  From the color and angles of her dad to the structure and goofy ways of her mom she is the total package and then some.

 Talia's Mother is the beautiful Dixie Kunigas Von Kishko.  Dixie is a gorgeous representation of the European boxer.  She shows her Italian lineage perfectly.  She boast some of the best Italian lines in the world. 

 Talia's sire Cash, Xadrian Vom Igneshof is a true love bug and has superior structure.  He is so attuned to his people and those with disabilities.  He is such a gentle boy.